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Bak Packaging is at the PACK- IST which the invention of flexible packaging manufacturers

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Bak Packaging which is the organization of Bakioğlu Holding will promote their products to produce using the latest technology for organization’s exclusive brands held leadership by Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association.

Turkey 's leading manufacturer of flexible packaging Bak Packaging, who has strong capital structure, experienced and dynamic staff, customer-focused approach and innovative applications since 1973 and has been serving the food industry's leading companies.

Located in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone carrying out their activities in three separate facilities Bak Package so that the customers at the highest level, can provide continuous and sustainable service. The company with over 400 employees in the food industry, printed and unprinted flexible packaging lamination produces 20,000 Tons per year and recently thanks to the investments of this production has been in a position to increase at least 20%. Bak Packing 80% of production exported to Western European countries, especially by the country's exports are an important contribution...

World markets have proven that the quality of their products for a long time Bak Packaging manufacturing facility in Izmir from all over the world and, if necessary, storage facilities in Europe and in the U.S. with delivery can provide the fastest way.

Quality, efficiency and customer focus with the principles set off Bak Packaging, today production concept, institutionalization and branding, the importance given consumer demand in the foreground approach in the industry with a global brand is rapidly becoming roams.

Bak at the packaging medium and long term goal of the leaders in the industry in Europe is located in a permanent way. For this purpose, in the past as well as many more in the coming period to reach customers, to offer them the most excellent products and services, with a stable cash flow healthy and aims to achieve sustainable growth.